Lufthansa cancels nine of ten flights due to the Corona crisis

Lufthansa radically cancels flights due to Coronavirus

Cindy Bauernfeind
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Parking instead of flying planes – the corona crisis is forcing airlines to permanently ground. Last week, we already reported in WingMag that Lufthansa is taking a break from flights with its A380 fleet because of coronavirus. Now the situation has worsened further. Lufthansa announced that it would only allow five percent of its planned flights to continue until April 19. In the summer flight schedule of the Dax concern, 26,000 flights were planned weekly. Due to the epidemic, however, nine out of ten long-haul connections are now being cancelled. Just every fifth short- and medium-haul connection within Europe will be offered.

Nevertheless, the return flights of tourists would still take place. Last weekend, for instance, a total of 6000 passengers were able to be flown back on 20 flights. Lufthansa is making arrangements for further evacuation flights. Therefore, the company is in close contact with the respective governments of the home countries. In order to secure Lufthansa’s long-term future, the company is now trying more intensively to keep its financial resources together. As a result, Lufthansa does not intend to pay a dividend to shareholders for the past financial year.

According to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, the long-term consequences of the coronavirus are currently not yet predictable: “The longer this crisis lasts, the more likely it is that the future of aviation cannot be guaranteed without state aid.” However, Lufthansa is not planning to nationalize. According to the government’s aviation coordinator Thomas Jarzombek, the measures adopted so far are sufficient for the time being. The measures such as an extended short-time working allowance, liquidity assistance and tax deferrals are applied.

Picture © Nick Herasimenka

by Cindy Bauernfeind

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