Malaysia Airlines uses A380 in cargo fleet

Cindy Bauernfeind
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For the first time, Malaysia Airlines is flying cargo goods instead of passengers with the giant Airbus. Now, some readers might think that the Airbus A380 is not a cargo plane after all. Of course, that is correct, at least it used to be that way. However, in view of the effects of the corona crisis, Malaysia Airlines was looking for ways to take off again despite the pandemic.

Due to the crisis, the planes unfortunately had to stay on the ground in the last months. Now, Malaysia Airlines came up with an idea to get them back into service. The airline has changed its focus in recent weeks to pure cargo flights. Malaysia is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal protective equipment. The airline made use of this home advantage and now supplies various countries with the highly sought-after products. In addition to the A380 fleet, Malaysia Airlines is also authorized to carry cargo with A330, A350 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

Delivery of personal protective equipment by cargo aircraft

Thanks to the high demand for the products, Malaysia Airlines is able to fill the entire interior of its passenger aircraft with cargo. It is not necessary to remove the passenger seats of the aircraft. Instead, boxes for the transport of goods are installed under the seats and lockers and other storage facilities are used. This is exactly how the airline transported tons of protective equipment to Melbourne, Australia, last week.

With these measures, Malaysia Airlines wishes to ensure the long-term existence of the company. A Malaysian regulation on movement control is due to expire as early as mid-June, so passenger flights could increase again. However, Malaysia Airlines wants to look for permanent alternatives to personnel transport in order to have as many aircraft as possible in operation. This is the only way to ensure the long-term success of the company. A good solution, as we think at WingMag.

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by Cindy Bauernfeind

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