Munich Airport refuels with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

It is another step towards climate-friendly aviation. Munich Airport announced today that Sustainable Aviation Fuel will be available for aircraft refueling. Now that all the technical groundwork has been laid in Munich for the climate-friendly fuel, it will be available from June 1.

Munich Airport’s refueling infrastructure is now ready for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. In the tank farm, Skytanking GmbH & Co. KG ensures quality control of the new fuel. From there, it then travels through a pipeline system directly to the aircraft parking positions. A ready-to-fuel mixture of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and fossil kerosene is already stored in the fuel tanks. The proportion of SAF is a proud 35 percent. From June 1, every airline will have the option of refueling its aircraft with the climate-friendly fuel. A short video of Munich Airport summarizes this novelty:

Munich Airport’s move proves once again that SAF is on the rise. Now it remains to be seen how the airline as customers will accept this offer. However, the signs are good that soon more large airports will follow the example of Munich.

Picture © Munich Airport

by Johanna Koyser

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