Namibia from above

Namibia from above

Hubertus Huvermann
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Last winter I had the opportunity to escape from the cold and spend a few weeks in the African sun. I spent three months in Bitterwasser – a gliding centre in Namibia. I’ve still not managed to fully process the impressions I gained there.

Looking down on the desert from above is simply an indescribable experience. I really struggle to find the right words to describe what this never-ending vastness feels like. However, one thing’s for sure – the desert is truly stunning and also much more colourful than I would have imagined it. There’s just so much to discover when you look at the world from above.

There are simply unbelievably many rock substrates in Namibia and, were I a geologist, I could probably say much more about them. Undoubtedly these substrates exist in Europe as well, but it’s simply difficult to see them from the air. So much of the land in Europe is built up or used for agriculture and the influence of man is visible wherever you look. It’s totally different in Namibia: sometimes you see nothing that would even remotely indicate the presence of man from one horizon to the other.

I had already written a short piece here about my spontaneous and extremely inspiring encounter with astronaut Ulf Merbold in Bitterwasser.

Pictures © Hubertus Huvermann

by Hubertus Huvermann

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