New anti-drone technology could help many airports

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

A few days ago we reported in WingMag about the first official drone training school in India. It underlines once again how important it is that the remote controlled flying objects are flown by trained pilots. Because in the past, there have been repeated incidents at some major airports. Incidents with drones flying illegally near the airport, forcing a temporary shutdown of operations. But with a new type of anti-drone technology, this problem could be a thing of the past.

The Australian company DroneShield has developed DroneSentinel, a product that can detect dangerous drones. Even before they are in the immediate vicinity of the airport. This anti-drone technology creates a geofence with a range of up to eight kilometers. With this, the exact position can be determined on a satellite map and the next product from DroneShield can be used. The so-called DroneGun can interrupt the RF connection between the drone and its pilot. Thereby, the flying object is forced to land. This would eliminate the danger of a drone becoming entangled in the engine of an aircraft, for example.

According to the company, the system is currently being tested at an undisclosed, medium-sized European airport. Although the cost of such anti-drone technology is immense, looking back in time, such an investment can be worthwhile, not only for security reasons. In 2018 an incident occurred at Gatwick Airport in London, triggered by a drone, which forced the airport to suspend its flight operations for three days. 

Picture © DroneShield

by Johanna Koyser

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