New entrance area for the A320 Airspace cabin by FACC

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The tasks of a passenger cabin are manifold. Above all, it should offer comfort for the passengers, it must be practical for the staff and as light as possible for the aircraft. All these aspects are now combined in a new product from the Austrian company FACC. For more than 25 years, FACC has been responsible for a large part of the passenger cabin of the A320 family. Now the company has delivered the new entrance area for the A320 Airspace cabin to Airbus for the first time.

FACC started the development of the new entrance area in 2018. The fact that there are now only two years between the start of the project and the first delivery speaks for a highly efficient working method. The resulting A320 Airspace cabin perfectly combines all the above-mentioned functions of a passenger cabin. Thanks to the new “Hero Light” lighting system, passengers experience a particularly pleasant atmosphere, from the entrance area to the rear service area. Furthermore, the innovative and intelligent connection concept allows for short maintenance times. 

The new concept enables us to significantly reduce service costs for our customers. In addition, we have geared the component design of the entrance area towards high volumes and modern production processes. The Airbus and FACC teams worked together perfectly during the entire development phase.

Andreas Furthmayr, Vice President Cabin Interiors der FACC AG

The first serial aircraft is already equipped with the new FACC entrance area. Now the ramp-up of serial production is beginning. So soon, more and more A320 Family aircraft will be able to fly with the new components. We at WingMag are eager to see when we can experience the new “Hero Light” for the first time.

Picture © FACC AG

by Johanna Koyser

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