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Jennifer Weitbrecht
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Full steam ahead into the future: Digitalisation is bringing movement to aviation. With great opportunities, but also challenges. But what does that mean in concrete terms?

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Digitization in aviation – About the future of aircraft construction
Our sponsor SFS has investigated the importance of digitization for aviation. In dialogue with interview partners from the aviation industry, valuable insights were gained which were bundled in the white paper “Digitization in Aviation – On the Future of Aircraft Construction”. You can download it for free at this link:

What’s the whitepaper about?

Digitization, Industry 4.0, Cobots, Digital Twins, Internet of Things – many buzzwords are in circulation. Which ones will have a particular impact on aviation in the near future?

The following aspects will be examined in more detail:

  1. What impact will digitisation have on aviation?
  2. What are the opportunities, risks and necessary measures?
  3. How will the supply chain achange in the future?

The chapters of the white paper – Sneak Preview

To give you an impression of the content of the whitepaper, you can see an overview of the chapters here:

Man or machine – hand in hand into the future

Why digitization is more than a buzzword and how all industry players along the value chain can benefit from it.

Overcoming new challenges together: shared risk with value engineering

How market demands on suppliers have changed and why value engineering can be the solution.

The path is the goal: optimising the customer journey.

In the context of digitalisation, CEO of Lufthansa Carsten Spohr talks about up to 80 touch points between passengers and airlines during a journey. In terms of software, implementing them is a question of resources and budget. What challenges need to be overcome on the hardware side and where is untapped potential?

Startup spirit in the aircraft industry

Why do only very few startups succeed in aviation – and what can the industry learn from them?

Is the future here? Germany as an aviation hub

Aircraft construction has been reinventing itself since 2016 in the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (Hamburg). The ZAL, as it is known, is already regarded as the Silicon Valley of aviation.

Have fun reading!

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by Jennifer Weitbrecht

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