No third runway for London Heathrow?

Johanna Koyser
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London Heathrow Airport is considered the hub of aviation in Europe. In 2018, the British government under Theresa May approved the expansion of the hub. A new, third runway was to be built. The expansion should open up 40 new destinations and increase the capacity of London Heathrow to over 740,000 flights per year. In addition, 70,000 new jobs would be created. Nevertheless, these plans were recently stopped by a British court.

It appears that little consideration was given to one important factor in the planning of the new runway: environmental protection. After all, this is also what the court refers to in its decision. The plans for a third runway violate the Paris Climate Agreement. This is a cause for joy for many, because for years there have been fierce protests against the third runway at London Heathrow Airport. Even Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and now Prime Minister of Great Britain, took a clear stand against the expansion as early as 2015.

However, it remains questionable whether the court’s decision is final. In an official statement, Heathrow Airport announced that it would appeal to the Supreme Court. The case concerning the new runway, therefore, more than clearly shows one of the most prominent conflicts in aviation. For London Heathrow, an expansion would be more than important to underpin its position and importance for European and international air traffic.

Even our team at WingMag is divided on what would be the ideal solution to the problem. That is why we will be following and informing about news in this case all the more. Until then, we recommend, in keeping with the topic, an article that explains the function of runways in a simple way.

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by Johanna Koyser

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