Otto Aviation finally officially presents the Celera 500L

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

For more than a year, the new private jet from Otto Aviation had been the subject of much speculation. Every now and then the interestingly shaped aircraft was discovered by planespotters and caused lively discussions in forums and the press. Now, the US company is finally officially going public with the project.

Celera 500L is called Otto Aviation’s prestige project and it is supposed to become one of the most efficient aircraft worldwide. With its planned six passenger seats, it could become a serious competitor to conventional private jets. Indeed, with only one gallon, the Celera 500L flies between 29 and 40 kilometers. Comparable, conventional jets can fly only a tenth of that distance with the same amount. This already reveals a large cost saving. Moreover, the range of the Otto Aviation Jet, at over 7200 kilometers, is also more than impressive. But what makes these high fuel savings possible? For one thing, the special shape of the Celera 500L plays an important role here. For it is designed to reduce air resistance by almost 60 percent. On the other hand, a RED A03 engine from RED Aircraft GmbH is installed, which is also considered particularly efficient.

To date, Otto Aviation has already carried out 31 test flights with the Celera 500L with a total of 35 flying hours. These are now to be continued and the company would like to close the next financing round in 2021. Should Otto Aviation then also receive the green light from air safety authorities, the first jets could be taking off as early as 2025.

Picture © Otto Aviation

by Johanna Koyser

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