Qantas retires its last Boeing 747

Johanna Koyser

Another major airline is saying goodbye to its Boeing 747 fleet. The Australian national airline Qantas is just sending its last Boeing 747 jumbo jet on its last big journey from Sydney to Los Angeles. From there, the aircraft, named “Wunala“, will be taken to the Mojave Air & Space Port. However, Qantas does not say goodbye to his last “Queen of the Skies” without a special greeting.

On the one hand, some onlookers gathered at the HARS Aviation Museum in New South Wales, where the “Wunala” greeted the Australian aeronauts one last time in a deep overflight. On the other hand, the people in charge at Qantas had thought of something very special. Off the east coast of Australia, the Boeing 747 did not take the usual straight route towards Los Angeles, but “painted” a huge kangaroo in the sky. A worthy end for the almost 50-year-old 747 history at Qantas. Once it was even the only airline worldwide with a Boeing 747 fleet.

A kangaroo, drawn by the VH-OEJ off the east coast of Australia ©Flightradar24

Together with five other Boeing 747s, Qantas sells the “Wunala” to General Electric. This closes a chapter of aviation history for the Australians. However, Qantas has found a worthy replacement with its current eleven Boeing 787-9s and an additional three ordered. 

Picture © Fezbot2000

by Johanna Koyser

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