Re-certification of Boeing 737 Max: first flight successful

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

For over a year now, Boeing has had a big problem child: the Boeing 737 Max. A summary of the events can be found here in WingMag. It ended in a worldwide flight ban for the model, but now, there is good news in this regard again. Yesterday, Boeing took the first step towards re-certification of the 737 Max and successfully completed a first test flight.

The process of re-certification is being conducted in close cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). After all, the American Federal Aviation Administration also came under heavy criticism after the two Boeing 737 Max crashes. Accusations were made that they had made serious mistakes during the initial certification, had been deceived by Boeing and had not tested the aircraft thoroughly enough. For this reason, it is all the more important to the FAA that no mistakes are made during re-certification. As a result, there is currently no date when the airlines will be allowed to put their grounded Boeing 737 Max back into service.

Boeing itself is confident since they have revised the software of the stabilization system and made further technical changes. The FAA will now check the suitability of the changes on several test flights in the coming days. In addition, all of the approximately 450 Boeing 737 Max that have already been built but not yet delivered will be individually tested and approved. Thus, with successful re-certification, there may soon be regular Boeing 737 Max passenger flights again. Nevertheless, a queasy feeling with regard to the jet’s recent past might not disappear so quickly for some passengers.

Picture © Steve Lynes / CC BY

by Johanna Koyser

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