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Remove before flight – WingMag key chain at AIX 2019

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Red signals with a clear message. Also at the AIX 2019 in Hamburg!

Red means stop. As the most intense signal color, red immediately attracts our attention and warns us. It’s very clear what we should do with the striking red ribbons that hang from parked aircraft: REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT. Remove before departure. These ribbons serve to indicate the places where something has to be handled before the plane rolls out of its parked position to the runway.

Measuring points – protection against dirt and more

The ribbons mark caps that serve to protect sensitive measuring openings: the pitot tubes. Pitot tubes are open-air tubes, open on one side, that measure dynamic pressure and static pressure (ambient pressure) – two important measurement values that are forwarded to the airspeed indicator during flight. The higher the dynamic pressure, the higher the speed of the aircraft. Because of the exposed position of the pitot tubes, their entrances are prone to getting caked with dirt, insects and water (icing!). The risk? False information in the cockpit. That’s why the pitot tubes are protected with a cover cap that is removed just before the start of  journey: REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT.

Clogged pipe caused plane crash

On 6th February 1996, a Boeing 757-200 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about 26 kilometers off the Dominican coast. It was probably due to a plug that had formed in an uncovered pitot tube during down time. The dirt in the tube meant the captain’s instrument displayed a much higher airspeed than actually existed, ultimately leading to a tragic crash.

Engine compartment, propellers and brake shoes

Covers on the engine compartment prevent birds or other animals from entering before takeoff. Propeller tips are tightly lashed so they do not rotate “freehand” in the wind. Brake shoes secure planes, wich would otherwise move on their own. Red ribbons indicate which areas of an aircraft need attention before flight and schedules clearly specify when each protective flag should be removed.

Remove before flight key chain by WingMag

The SFS Group, which sponsors our aviation magazine, stands for the highest perfection, precision and safety in aircraft products. At the SFS booth 6B20 we will lay out cool REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT key chains in WingMag-look. Ready to be taken away.

What we would like to add: Remove them all before leaving the AIX. 😊

by Esther Nestle

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