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Singapore Airlines Check 2 – 129. 130. 19. 40.

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129 comfort planes. 130 cities. 19 hours non-stop. A waterfall 40 meters high. This is the short version of Singapore Airlines Check Part 2. (You haven’t read the first part yet? Then follow us.) The long version of the SIA goes like this:

Singapore Airlines flies with 129 comfort aircraft

A long-haul flight in economy class is all but not subject to amusement tax. A long-haul flight in the economy class of the SIA is also not comparable with a chill-out day at the pool on a lounger. But at least Singapore Airlines tries hard enough to ensure that passengers do not have to fly close together on seats reminiscent of thin towels or squashed like sardines in a can, in enforced bodily contact with their neighbors.

“The Singapore Airlines Economy Class offers more legroom, personal space and comfort thanks to innovative design. Thanks to the foot and headrests, you always sit comfortably in any position. Even when the seat in front of you is reclined.”

“Singapore Airlines definitely deserves its reputation for excellence. Even for the traveler in Economy, they offer pleasant legroom and a really comfortable seat”.

“Even without status, Singapore Airlines economy class is quite acceptable on long haul flights, and you can certainly endure longer flights”.

So, the seating comfort is ok. What about the entertainment programme? SIA passengers agree on one thing: In the travel forums, praising words about the quality and variety of onboard entertainment can be found everywhere.

Singapore Airlines flies to more than 130 cities

With its 129 planes, SIA flies across the globe to more than 130 cities. The noble airline is supported by its two subsidiaries: the budget airlines SilkAir and Scoot. SilkAir is a regional airline that connects cities in South Asia, East Asia and Australia. Scoot was launched in 2011 as a dedicated low-cost airline (analogous to Emirates and the low-cost airline Flydubai) and is also expanding the SIA and SilkAir route network to an additional 30 destinations, including Berlin-Tegel. With Scoot in particular, Singapore Airlines wants to stand up to the rapidly growing low-cost airlines in the Asian region.

Fly 19 hours non-stop with Singapore Airlines

Long distance flight fanatics get their money’s worth when flying from Singapore to New York. The passengers sit in the A350 for just under 19 hours to “gobble up” almost 17,000 kilometers on this ultra-long flight. With this offer, Singapore Airlines holds the record for the world’s longest non-stop scheduled flight in the world. This ultra flight is technically possible and economically profitable because

Changi Airport dazzles with 40-meter-high waterfall

And so, Changi Airport – the airport with the most awards worldwide – will also receive the highest rankings in 2019 and will once again land on the roof of the top of the world’s best airports in the Skytrax ranking.

Series ‘Airline Check’

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by Esther Nestle

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