Sleeper’s row in Economy Class tested by Lufthansa

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Long-haul flights are often burdensome for many passengers, especially if they are night flights and you have only booked an economy seat. Finding a comfortable sleeping position in the often very tight conditions is sometimes difficult. But at the same time, for many people a seat with more comfort is simply too expensive. Lufthansa now wants to close this gap and recently launched a special test run: a sleeper’s row in Economy Class.

The idea is quite simple and actually not entirely new. Economy passengers are given the option of reserving an entire row of three or four seats. This can then be converted into a sofa bed by the crew. For this purpose Lufthansa uses the well-known Business Class Set with pillow, blanket and seat cover. Even if this is not quite as comfortable as a real Business Class sleeping berth, it is welcome comfort for many. After all, this so-called “Sleeper’s Row” additional option costs only USD 260 on top. Compared to a business seat, an economy ticket plus “Sleeper’s Row” option costs only half as much. At the same time, the new option is also cheaper than a premium economy class ticket.

This Economy Class Sleeper’s Row is currently being tested until mid-December on the Frankfurt – Sao Paulo route. Furthermore, the “Sleeper’s Row” can currently only be booked on site. Economy passengers can request this limited upgrade either at check-in or when boarding. It is still uncertain whether the sleeping couch will have a future with Lufthansa after the end of the test.

Picture © Sofiane Gargouri

by Johanna Koyser

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