SpaceX launches first mission with astronauts

Johanna Koyser
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SpaceX, a name that makes the hearts of many space enthusiasts beat faster. The company of the South African mega-mogul and Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to revolutionize space travel and make it accessible to private individuals. With this in mind, SpaceX has been working since 2002 on the development of its own rockets and capsules that shall make this possible. In the past, the company has attracted attention especially through sophisticated marketing gags. Yesterday, not only a rocket but also a capsule coupled to it was to take off towards the ISS for the first time. Due to weather problems, however, the launch had to be postponed.

In cooperation with NASA, its test pilots Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are to fly to the ISS on board the so-called “Dragon” capsule. Coupled to the “Falcon 9” rocket, this would be the first manned mission of the SpaceX program. Unlike many of Elon Musk’s ideas, this is not a marketing gag. His goal is rather to revolutionize space travel. A special approach is the durability of his “Falcon” rockets. 

Reusable SpaceX rockets

In the past it was normal for a space rocket to return to earth almost completely as scrap metal, but the “Falcon” rockets are, according to SpaceX, the first reusable ones worldwide. Naturally, there are many parts of these rockets that cannot be reused after a launch, but especially the expensive components are used several times. With the 83 launches of such rockets so far, 44 could land successfully. Of these 44, 31 were flown again. A quota that amazes even insiders.

In any case, the first manned SpaceX flight would write space travel history. Not only would the trip into space for private individuals come closer to reality. But also that it would again enable the United States to launch astronauts into space itself. SpaceX is also planning other revolutions. Currently, the first feature film is being planned that will actually be shot in the ISS. In the leading role Tom Cruise, known especially from “Top Gun“. If you are curious, we recommend to join the official livestream this Saturday. Hoping that this time the weather will play along.

Picture © SpaceX

by Johanna Koyser

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