Take off digitally: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

We all share a common passion: flying. However, most of us can usually experience this passion “only” as passengers. Of course, there are also some who take command themselves, but for many it will always remain a dream to be a pilot one day.

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Therefore, Microsoft developed the first version of Flight Simulator in 1982. Despite of, from today’s point of view, bad graphics more than just a game. Finally, many could fulfill their dream and take off digitally. Last year, it was time for a groundbreaking announcement. After a total of 12 previous versions, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be released this year.

Over the last 40 years, Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a real brand. Smiled at by many, but loved by even more. After the last version was already 14 years old, it was time to breathe new life into the program. As a developer, Microsoft has set itself the goal of making flying more realistic than ever before. Thereby, it will be the first computer game, which can display the complete globe three-dimensionally and in 4K resolution. A special feature for all flight enthusiasts are the more than 40,000 airports where you can take off and land. In addition, more than two million cities can be flown over, displayed in great detail. All in all a dream for every pilot.

Before going to bed, take a lap over the Sahara or fly over the Andes during your lunch break? Thanks to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, this will soon no longer be a dream, but reality. Of course, nothing is more beautiful than real flying, but digital take-off is inexpensive, climate-neutral and perfect when real aircraft are not allowed to take off. Unfortunately, there is currently no exact release date. As soon as there is new information, you will be the first to know in WingMag.

Picture © ThisisEngineering RAEng

by Johanna Koyser

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