APEX Expo 2019 Los Angeles

The APEX Expo 2019 in Los Angeles

Sascha Costabel
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SFS Aircraft Components at the APEX Expo in Los Angeles from the 9th until the 12th September 2019.

***Marked as advertising due to the mentioning of our sponsor SFS***

When we first passed through APEX, it quickly became clear that this is probably not the right fair for a bracket manufacturer … but why are we here then?

Entertainment at the highest level

APEX in general addresses the airlines. At this fair you will find all kinds of electronics for the aircraft cabin. Whether displays for IFE (In-flight entertainment), headsets for great sound or the latest trend in virtual reality goggles … you will find everything at this place.

An essential part is the so-called “content”, such as movies, games and much more. In other words, everything that can be provide in-flight entertainment – one of the main reasons for the location of the APEX Expo. Just outside Hollywood in Los Angeles, you will find a large number of entertainment providers. All well-known studios are represented, as well as countless service providers, who in turn want to sell the content to the airline.

Human Centric Lighting in trend

That said, it becomes clear, that the concept of our partner jetlite is exactly in the right context at the APEX. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) helps the passenger to minimize or even completely avoid symptoms of jet lag (more on this in the article about the start-up jetlite).

The new idea of SFS also comes into play in this context … if we want to sell new digital features like seat reservations, boarding, deboarding systems and other helpful tools for passengers, we have to talk to the airline to get to know their needs better.

It remains exciting

After three days at the fair, we are deeply impressed by the wishes and trends of the airlines. The next few weeks will be particularly interesting as to how the airlines react to the new product. Will we be able to sell our idea? Who will be the first? We are excited! And we will continue to report …

by Sascha Costabel

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