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The most popular articles 2018

Jennifer Weitbrecht
2 minutes

How fast time flies… On January 1st, 2018 the first WingMag article went online. Since then a lot has happened in front of and behind the scenes. 2019 will be a particularly exciting year… We have big plans and are looking forward to giving you an insight to what we’re doing. Until then we wish you happy holidays with your loved ones! Have fun: The most popular articles 2018.

Small annual review – The most popular articles 2018

  1. Ultra-lightweight: How thermoplastic composites are changing aviation
  2. Agility and Design Thinking at SFS
  3. ILA Berlin
  4. Who is Calito?
  5. Weather radar systems made simple
  6. An encounter with astronaut Ulf Merbold
  7. Welcome aboard (column Linda Luftikuss)
  8. What happens when a plane takes off?
  9. Stunning flying images of Hubertus Huvermann
  10. Greetings (column Linda Luftikuss)

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by Jennifer Weitbrecht

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