The nationalisation of Alitalia is taking shape

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

It has been clear for about four months that Alitalia is to be nationalised. Also here in WingMag you could read about this news. But now, finally, there are concrete plans of the Italian government, how exactly the nationalisation of Alitalia will look like.

The “new” Alitalia is to start operations with a fleet of 70 aircraft, as reported by Minister of Industry Stefano Patuanelli. Currently, there are still about 100 planes in service with the Italian airline. Patuanelli also opposed reports that 4000 jobs at Alitalia are to be cut. Instead, he assured that the Italian government is working hard not to have to cut jobs. It remains to be seen whether the three billion euros that Italy is spending to save Alitalia will be enough to do so. By October of this year at the latest, when the nationalised Alitalia officially starts operating, we will know more.

Despite this good-sounding news about the nationalisation of Alitalia, there are critical voices. Because the reduction of the fleet is meeting with great scepticism from the unions. The workers’ unions believe that an efficient airline should have at least 100 aircraft. However, Industry Minister Patuanelli does not want to reach this magic number for another three years.

Picture © Masakatsu Ukon / CC BY-SA

by Johanna Koyser

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