The Open Art exhibition „Fernweh“(„Wanderlust“)

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Dietmar Plath gives an exclusive insight into the relevance of aviation and climate policy responsibility. On the Überseeboulevard (“Overseas Boulevard”) in HafenCity Hamburg (Hamburg Harbour City), the photographer is presenting 50 large-format photographs in his exhibition “FERNWEH” (“Wanderlust”), which tell of his travels around the world to shed new light on the subject of flying.  

Flying is a part of everyday life

In 1903 the first powered flight through the air was successful. Today, over 100 years later, travelling by plane is part of everyday life. The possibility of circling the globe and discovering distant places in just a few hours is attractive, and the number of flights is constantly increasing in line with globalization. However, as air traffic increases, so do the negative consequences for the climate and the environment. Especially in recent years, aviation has consequently become more and more the focus of attention.

"Fernweh" - Wanderlust OpenArt Hamburg - Maldives
Open Art Exhibition “Fernweh” (Wanderlust) Maldives

As an aviation photographer I collected over 6.9 million air kilometres in 30 years and travelled to more than 130 countries. I was able to get to know unbelievable places, different cultures and their people – impressions that shaped me as a person and raised my awareness of the subject of flying.

Dietmar Plath

After all, air travel is not only a part of leisure travel. It rather creates a worldwide network. On the one hand it interconnects us human beings: mobility across national borders promotes understanding and enables exchange between peoples and cultures. It also enables humanitarian aid, such as support for disaster areas: thanks to fast transport, even over long distances, pharmaceuticals and relief supplies reach the right places.

On the other hand, aviation networks a wide variety of economic markets: its importance for Germany as a business location is enormous – from the creation of jobs to the flow of goods and merchandise. The latter strengthens industry and is a driving factor for our global society. A society in which knowledge is an important resource. Through the relevance of aircraft for climatology and geographical research, aviation also acts in the service of public education and awareness. Faraway places can be reached quickly and safely.

"Fernweh" (Wanderlust) OpenArt Exhibition Seychelles
Open Art Exhibition „Fernweh“(“Wanderlust”) – Seychelles

Open Art Exhibition „Fernweh“(“Wanderlust”) – Seychelles

The climate aspect of aviation

In contrast to speed and flexibility, the high level of climate policy responsibility must not be ignored. Aviation offers many advantages, but can also cause considerable damage to our planet.

It is therefore of great concern to me to advocate more climate-friendly flying in the future. This requires first and foremost attention and exchange between the aviation industry and society. Only in this way will urgently needed innovations and technical measures be born. These should promote climate protection by helping to reduce emissions.

Dietmar Plath
Open Art Exhibition Hamburg - Phuket
Open Art Exhibition “Fernweh” (Wanderlust) – Phuket

I am very confident that the aviation industry and airlines will meet this challenge. Especially in Hamburg, at Airbus and Lufthansa, we have smart and outstanding experts working on these issues.

Dietmar Plath

Satisfy wanderlust

The current exhibition “FERNWEH” (“Wanderlust” – German website) on Überseeboulevard (“Overseas Boulevard”) in HafenCity Hamburg (Hamburg Harbour City) take citizens of Hamburg as well as tourists on a journey through the world. There, more than 50 large-format photographs can be viewed free of charge and in the open air until September 9, 2020. This is already the 21st Open Art exhibition: since 2010 the exhibition has been part of Hamburg’s art and culture scene. It offers national and international photographers a platform to illuminate current world topics. The quarter, which combines living, working and living on 110,000 square metres, organises a large number of events every year. However, the events are also intended to provide beautiful moments in current difficult times. For the first time, the exhibition will therefore also be available in digital form: The Open Art can be viewed virtually online at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Dietmar Plath reports on the Open Art exhibition “Fernweh” (“Wanderlust”) – German video

Pictures © Dietmar Plath

by Cindy Bauernfeind

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