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The Uniform – aka our Power Outfit

Linda Luftikuss
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It is well known that we flight attendants wear a uniform. The uniform is provided by the employer. We don’t have to pay for it. The basic idea of wearing uniforms has been laid down in a 14-page company agreement and explains the importance of clothing: The uniforms are an essential element of the airline’s image, with which we express a uniform and neat appearance to the public. We must be aware that by wearing the uniform we have a significant influence on the airline’s image. As employees we are representatives of the company and we are connected to each other through the uniform. Therefore, high demands are placed on our appearance.

But what does the uniform actually mean to us? Quite clearly: It is the Superwoman costume that we put on before we go on duty and with which we fly out into the world and make it a little better. In it we soak up compliments and catch admiring glances. In case of criticism, discussions or even insults it bounces off us. Most of the time. The uniform is like an armour: it protects us. Often we are not addressed personally, but as the face of the company.

It is also practical that you don’t have to worry about what to wear before going to work. When I see how much money my female friends spend on outfits suitable for the office, I smile to myself. We have the option of wearing a skirt, trousers or a dress. Plus a blouse, maybe the cardigan over it, and the jacket. I do not spend a cent on my work clothes and still feel comfortable in them. It gives me the opportunity to slip into a different role, I like that a lot: in the uniform I move differently. Yes, sometimes you strut a bit. The attention you get wearing your uniform is new, you are perceived differently, even in the supermarket at the checkout. I pay attention to my choice of words, pull myself together more and don’t cross the street when the traffic lights for pedestrians are red.

And after work? When I come home and take off my uniform again, I take off my second skin. Within a few seconds I strip off the working day and return to myself. I know that it is different with my friends who work in the office. They often take longer to relax after work.

So, I can fully agree with the basic idea of the uniform wearing regulations. But it’s more about a neat appearance: with the uniform, we are an armada of superwomen and supermen. And even if I wouldn’t like it’s style, I’m pragmatic enough to see it simply as a working tool. But the truth is that it is our Superwoman outfit.

In the next episode I will tell you how you can work part-time as a flight attendant.

Always happy landings,

your Linda Luftikuss

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