Upcycling with Bag to Life

Upcycling with Bag to Life

Charlotte Ebert
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Trade fairs like the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg are a meeting place for innovation from all over the world. There, it doesn’t exclusively have to focus on technology and innovation. Topics such as recycling, upcycling and lifestyle also find their place there. A good example: Bag to Life.

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Some treasures hide in the inconspicuous. Just like the booth of Bag 2 Life, where we passed by several times during the last days. Even as a trade fair routine, there are only three ways to discover these booths:

We were lucky when we passed the inconspicuous booth and Kerstin asked us about our WingMag Hoodies and the yellow sneakers. A good start. We didn’t need many words to be convinced by Bag to Life.

Upcycling true to the motto Bag to Life.

The company recycles aviation related technologies into everyday objects. Using the original materials, the designers of Ehrensache D/V GmbH & Co. KG create bags and accessories that make aviation hearts beat faster and declare war on the mainstream. From laptop sleeves to wash bags to shoulder bags, aviation fans will find almost everything their hearts desire and can even strike directly on the Bag 2 Life online shop.

The raw material for bags, wallets and sleeves are usually discarded life jackets from airlines or seat covers from dismantled aircraft seats. Instead of destroying them after their first life cycle in passenger and air traffic, Bag to Life buys them and gives them a new life. Since a lifejacket or seat cover usually is made into several products, each one is unique. The traces of use from its first life are taken over and worn with pride in the new design. Upcycling at it’s best. So to speak.

Bag to Life: Upcycling in style

Since 2010 Bag to Life presents unique designs, ecological sustainability and a resource-saving production process for everyday life and was nominated for the German Design Award 2015, was awarded the title “Best Upcycle Bags” by Sublime Magazine and won the German Brand Award 2017.

Upcycling doesn’t have to be expensive

Design products are oftentimes not known for their affordability. Bag to Life is different. They focus on upcycling for everyday use. Whether it’s the MacBook Sleeve for 44.99 euros or the wash bag for 49.99 euros – the prices are consistently fair and make upcycling affordable for everyone.

If you are curious, you are welcome to visit Bag to Life. We are big fans since the AIX! You can find the lifestyle products from recycled aviation technology on Instagram as well as us.

by Charlotte Ebert

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