Vaccination for Etihad Airways’ in-flight staff

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

One of the big topics in the news worldwide these days is the COVID-19 vaccination. While in some places large parts of the local population have already been vaccinated, in other countries progress is slow. This makes the news from Abu Dhabi all the more interesting. According to the company, all Etihad Airways employees who work on board have now received a COVID-19 vaccination.

We already reported in WingMag that Etihad is choosing innovative ways in the Corona crisis to continue to be a big player in the competition. With the announcement that Etihad has vaccinated its entire on-board staff, many passengers will certainly feel safer on board as a result of this measure. In fact, it will be more of a perceived safety. After all, as things stand, it is not certain whether COVID-19 vaccination also prevents transmission of the virus. For the vaccinated boarding personnel, on the other hand, it definitely creates additional safety.

We proactively made the vaccine available to all our employees to not only help combat the effects of COVID-19 but to make travellers feel confident and reassured the next time they fly with us. We are the only airline in the world to make COVID-19 testing mandatory for every passenger and crew member before every flight and now, we’re the first airline in the world with 100% vaccinated crew on board.

Tony Douglas, CEO Etihad Aviation Group

The majority of airlines worldwide do their best to provide the safest possible environment for passengers on board. However, Etihad seems to be the safety frontrunner. This is the level of security one would wish for all airlines.

Picture © Etihad Airways

by Johanna Koyser

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