Virtual Reality Training for KLM Cityhopper pilots

Johanna Koyser
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KLM Cityhopper, a subsidiary of KLM, serves various destinations in Europe with a pure Embraer fleet. Starting on the 5th of November this year, an innovation will be available for pilots who are currently undergoing their training there. From then on Embraer aircraft will have Virtual Reality Training in addition to the standard training.

The Dutch are entering completely new territory and hope to gain additional benefits from this special training form: 

Virtual Reality (VR) makes training more accessible. It is on-demand and site-independent – pilots don’t have to be in a classroom or a simulator at a certain time. What’s more, it invites them to explore, something they can do safely in a virtual environment. VR allows pilots to familiarise themselves with the cockpit in advance, so that they make more effective use of their simulator time.

Sebastian Gerkens, Senior Instructor Embraer at KLM Cityhopper

The three parts of the Virtual Reality Training

What an exciting additional offer for all future Cityhopper pilots. The Virtual Reality Training consists of three different parts. In the first part, the pilot is in the cockpit and can interact with the controls. Then, there is a 360-degree video where the spectator can watch a flight from the Cockpit Jump Seat. In the third part the user gets a 360 degree tour through and around the entire aircraft. KLM has developed all these steps and content together with in-house experts.

We already reported on Virtual Reality for passengers in WingMag, but Virtual Reality for pilots sounds like a very interesting addition to regular training. Currently, KLM is even having Cityhopper check whether EASA will certify Virtual Reality Training. This way it could become an integral part of the training and in case of doubt even replace some components.

Picture © KLM Cityhopper

by Johanna Koyser

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