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Who is Calito?

Sascha Costabel
2 minutes

Calito: It sounds like an unknown relative of Calimero. But Calito is short for “Cabin lining Automation”, a project initiated by the European Union to reduce CO2 in aviation.

The Clean Sky Initiative, launched by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, gathers players of the european aviation industry to face the challenges of the future: to reduce emissions and to remain internationally competitive at the same time. Increasing numbers of passengers are a blessing for the companies, but more than ever it is necessary not only to take economic, but also ecological sustainability into account.

Calito: Upcoming Generation of Aircrafts

In Hamburg’s Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL), Airbus researches future aircrafts. Together with suppliers they figure out how to remodel the production of an aircraft to be more efficient and low-emission. Starting with a single screw, ending with delivery. SFS, a company settled in Schwarzwald, researches at ZAL a method for automated interior construction. The manufacturer of fasteners takes on his bracket logic concept (BLC), a system of modular fasteners that is already successfully used in the A350. Based on these modular fasteners, SFS is now working on the design for automated installation of linings and hatracks in cabin and cargo.

This is supported by Solvay, a european manufacturer of composite materials. Its extra-light materials promote the automation process and reduce the overall weight of the aircraft. After all, a lighter aircraft consumes less energy.

Under the patonage of the EU, european companies are working on the future of aviation and competitors become partners on their way to new horizons.

The demands on materials in aviation are exacting. Here on WingMag you can learn more about how thermoplastic composites chang aviation.

Cover picture © SFS

by Sascha Costabel

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