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Wingly, the Franco-German start-up, is one of the new flight sharing platforms on the market. Launched in 2016, the platform brings together flying enthusiasts – providing opportunities for pilots to offer passengers inexpensive flights. It’s never been simpler to share your passion for flying with other people.

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For the average man or woman, flying ends when they get on and off a scheduled flight. But that’s precisely where Wingly.io comes in. Verified pilots can now offer their flights, while passengers are able to search for possible flights on the platform. You might say, a win-win situation. While this lets the pilot reduce his or her flying costs, passengers have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience above the clouds, often finding that it is cheaper than many event and gift offers.

According to the founders, over 100,000 users have already used the app in the past few years. And the range of flights is just as diverse as the trips already on offer elsewhere. Scenic round trips over Frankfurt for three people or a day trip from Bremen to the island of Juist for two people are often available for under € 100. The platform itself handles the bookings and the money transfer. The app is sub-divided into sightseeing flights (scenic flights), one-way flights and excursion flights. It remains to be seen in future whether the offers will represent competition for long-distance coaches, rail or scheduled flights.

Safety first. No take-off without a licence.

Safety is paramount, as with many other modern sharing start-ups. The reliability and safety of passengers, as well as the population on the ground, is crucial, particularly with flying. The same applies at Wingly: you can’t take-off without a licence. Anyone who registers as a pilot to offer flights through Wingly has to upload his or her medical certificate and flying licence to be verified. The people at Wingly need to ensure that even amateur pilots have enough experience and the necessary documents. As many pilots do not have their own aircraft, they often borrow aircraft from clubs who take care of its professional maintenance throughout the year.

Safety has priority! This is precisely why flights can sometimes be cancelled at short notice, whether due to bad weather or a sudden repair to the aircraft.

The founders of Wingly

Emeric de Waziers, Lars Klein and Bertrand Joab-Cornu are the men behind the start-up. The three set up Wingly. Emeric has been flying for nine years and Bertrand is currently going for his pilot’s licence. Both engineers live in neighbouring France, where Wingly also operates and has managed to establish a growing number of users. The third one in the group is Lars Klein. The German works as a programmer in Berlin and was already involved in start-ups in China and the USA.

Browse around the Wingly website at your leisure if you fancy another flying adventure or even download the app onto your smartphone. The flight sharing app is already available for Android and Apple iOS. Download it free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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