WOW Air returns with “HonestFares”

Johanna Koyser
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The purple planes disappeared from the sky in early 2019, but in February this year, we reported in WingMag about a possible comeback. Spurred on by a post on Facebook, there were increasing signs that the Icelandic airline WOW Air could soon be back in the air. Now, the Icelanders themselves are creating facts, at least for now. On their website the company now officially presents their new program. It is called WOW Air “HonestFares”, a name that the company has had trademarked.

But what does “HonestFares” actually mean and how does it all fit into WOW Air’s history? After all, this brand did not have the best reputation among aeronauts. But with the ticket prices charged at that time, you couldn’t expect more than the most rudimentary service. But the concept of “HonestFares” sounds like a complete change of course. The announcements are almost too good to be true. 

The features of “HonestFares”

With “HonestFares”, WOW Air wants to let every passenger decide how heavy he or she packs their suitcase. Overpriced additional costs for excess baggage should be a thing of the past. In addition, the company wants to develop strongly on the culinary front. The airline even hired the internationally renowned chef Roger Wiles for this purpose. In line with the current situation, WOW Air is also introducing the so-called “Clean Cabin” policy. According to this guideline, there should be a flight attendant on all flights, whose only task is to ensure hygiene and cleanliness during the flight.

Overall, WOW Air wants to conquer a new market with the “HonestFares” and no longer be considered the cheapest of all low-cost airlines. However, many questions remain unanswered in the announcement on the part of the group. Are the conditions of the “HonestFares” included with every WOW Air ticket or do they cost extra? What is the general situation with ticket prices, are they still within a small price range or are ticket prices rising sharply? But above all: when will WOW Air fly again? Because a great sounding program was presented, but no concrete flight plans.

Picture © Anna Zvereva / CC BY-SA

by Johanna Koyser

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